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Welcome to the Redstone Wiki

This wiki is about Minecraft Redstone! Whether you've never heard of it or an expert user, this is your #1 resource!

Note that this wiki is still young. If you can't find what you're looking for, request it or simply write all you want so others can expand upon it!

How can I learn?

You can learn how to use Redstone in-game from these pages:

How can I help?

You can add more to Redstone wiki whenever you want! However, if you want to be really awesome, read up on how you should contribute to make sure everything is uniform and easy to learn!

What does Mojang think?

Officially, we are not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Mojang AB. This wiki simply documents the behavior of Redstone in their game Minecraft. This wiki does not intend to be a source of original content, nor does it claim to own anything on the site other than the web styles. Any images containing Minecraft content are licenced under the Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike licence, where the rights to the actual image are held by us, and the content of the image copyrighted to Mojang. Mojang may use anything on this wiki for any purpose without notification. If Mojang wants something added or removed from this wiki, we will not argue.

We're just here to tell you how Minecraft's redstone works and hopefully help make everyone an expert! If you don't have Minecraft, we encourage you to go buy it at the official site!