Redstone is a material in the video game Minecraft. It is used to transmit power for many reasons, usually to accomplish a task that would otherwise be more time-consuming.

Redstone comes in several forms:

  • Redstone Ore is the way Redstone is naturally formed in the Minecraft world. It appears to be a block of stone with red coloring in some places. When the player mines this with the proper pickaxe, or if it gets blown up, it turns into Redstone Dust.
  • Redstone Dust is the most useful form of Redstone because it can be used in many ways. It can be placed in the Minecraft world as Redstone Wire or used to create a Redstone Torch, Repeater, or Lamp.
  • Redstone Wire is the term for Redstone Dust when it is placed in the Minecraft world. It will receive and transmit a signal for up to 15 blocks from the source without delay.
  • Redstone Torch is the most basic Redstone craft. It is made by combining Redstone Dust on top of a Stick. A Redstone Torch will send out a constant signal unless the block it's on is receiving power.
  • Redstone Repeater is a way to refresh and delay a Redstone signal. For instance, if a signal is 14 blocks along a strip of Redstone Wire and about to run out, placing a Redstone Repeater after that 14th block will renew the signal to full strength. However, Redstone Repeaters add a delay of 1, 2, 3, or 4 ticks.
  • Redstone Lamp is a basic output device that lights up. If you place it in the Minecraft world without power, it appears to be a dark piece of Glowstone within a black casing. However, if it receives a signal, it will light up as bright as Glowstone.