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A Redstone Machine is a set of Redstone circuits, gates, andor blocks that has a useful purpose in the game.

Block SwapperEdit

Info See Also List of Block-Swappers

Ingame 1-wide tileable flush 2-block swapper

A one-block-wide, tileable, flush 2-block swapper. Required blocks are white wool (or on white wool), the button on blue wool is the input, and the red and green wool blocks are the ones which are swapped.

A block swapper is a machine that swaps one or more blocks for one or more others. The most common use is to swap one block for another, for instance, to show or hide glowstone for lighting.

Piston double-extenderEdit

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Ingame Piston Double-Extender

A stackable piston double-extender

A Piston double-extender is a machine that extends a sticky piston by two blocks without losing the sticky functionality. This is considered a challenge because a sticky piston will only pull one block, so if the back piston pulls the front piston, the target block to be moved will remain stationary. To solve this, the front piston is fired again to pull the block back.