Here, there are more complex and obscure circuits, as well as combinations of basic circuits for more specific uses.


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A multiplexer acts as a switch, allowing a programmer to choose one of two inputs to be the output. Its inputs are A (the left value), B (the right value), and C (the switch to choose between the two). If C is 0, then the output is the same value as A, but if C is 1, the output is the same value as B.


  • MUX

Truth TablesEdit

Inputs Output
111 1
110 1
101 0
100 1
011 1
010 0
001 0
000 0

Random Number GeneratorEdit

Ingame RNG

An in-game 4-bit RNG

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Random Number Generators (AKA RNGs) are most used in games such as those made by disco. These produce a set of bits which are randomly on or off with no predictable pattern. It is hard to get true randomness in Minecraft, as the chance of all the bits being on or off tends to decrease disproportionately as the number of bits increases depending on the design. Random Number Generators typically take in one input and return a random number on the falling edge (when the input switches from 1 to 0), but this is also design-dependent.